Economic Asset & Income

Economic Asset and Income Generation at the community level

Ghana’s Urban Poor Fund (UPF) which was established in 2010 is called the Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor Fund (G-FUND). The goal of the G-FUND, like other SDI affiliates funds existing in Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, India among other countries, is to increase Ghana’s Urban Poor’s  access to finance to improve his/her livelihood and acquire basic services. The purpose of the fund is in line with the 2030 agenda of not leaving anyone behind. G -FUND supports community efforts at improving their living conditions through access to affordable finance options. The facility encourages knowledge and risk sharing and innovative financing, and promotes community – led   development processes in Ghana. G-FUND through partnerships and outreach to private sector businesses, foundations, development partners and bilateral and multi-lateral donors continue to mobilize significant resources to support the efforts of Ghana’s urban poor to make land and housing accessible to them.


  • Provide credit for home improvement and SME business development to low income households in urban Ghana;
  • Provide guarantees to commercial banks to facilitate finance for low income households;
  • Provide bridge finance for construction and other financial products that are required to implement housing and related infrastructure projects;
  • Acts as a catalyst to facilitate pro-poor policy framework at city and national level for improving the quality of housing and services.


The Tema-Ashiaman Metropolitan Slum Upgrading Facility (TAMSUF) was under the UN-HABITAT Slum Upgrading Facility (SUF) programme which is a technical cooperation and seed capital facility with a central objective to mobilize domestic capital for slum upgrading projects and related activities. The SUF programme is the Urban Finance Branch of UN-HABITAT that works to provide business solutions to social and affordable housing. It was piloted in four countries namely; Ghana, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia and Tanzania.


  • To meet the Millennium Development Goals on slums which was Goal 7, Target 11 which has been taken over by the SDG 11
  • Assist National and local governments to raise sustainable funding for slum upgrading
  • To raise funds up to $400,000.00 for capital enhancement
  • To raise additional grant of $100,000.00 for administration and capacity development
  • To provide further grant of US$400,000.00 for other capital projects



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