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Observing Social Distancing Against COVID 19, Deal with Psychogeography Factors Too

Observing social distancing as one of the ways to preventing the spread of the coronavirus has become a difficult task for many settlers in the Zongos, Inner Cities and Slum areas ZINCS.

This has been attributed to both demographic and psychogeography factors.

However government including institutions of support is doing well to addressing the demographics with special regards to the socioeconomic conditions of these residents.  Some interventions in ensuring that people who live from hand to mouth do not go out in search of food are being rolled out by government with support from its stakeholders. But the question continues to remain whether these interventions are enough to also ensure social distancing.

Expert in development believe there is also the need to address the psychogeography too.

Sitting in groups to interact with each other, eating together and sharing of public facilities of convenience has become part of the people, and a tradition too.

A visit to some of these communities in the Greater Accra region shows that many of the people will not ordinarily observe the social distancing even if they are provided with their economic needs.

“some of the people from Niger are always seating together to talk all they long even though we are observing the lockdown, these people are not observing social distancing ” a community leader of Ashaiman Tulaku Nene Amponsah revealed this to a team of officers from the Peoples Dialogue for Humans Settlement who visited the community to educate the community on the need to have a community-Led Response to Covid 19.

The strategy being implemented in the ZINCS is expected to interface with national programs.

The communities who have formed Community Coordinating Committees are being encouraged to address also the psychogeography factors aside the concentration of government on the demographics.

Continues education according to the Chief Executive of the p Peoples Dialogue, Farouk Braimah would help in this regard.

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