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Fighting Corona Virus Disease 19 at the Community Level

Members of the Community Coordinating Committee in collaboration with city authorities are distributing hand washing facilities in the Zongos, Inner Cities and slums as part of the Community-Led Response to CoViD- 19.

The items were donated by the OXFAM Ghana through the NGO, Peoples Dialogue on Human Settlements (PD)

The beneficiary Zongos, Inner Cities and slum communities include Sabon Zongo, Old Fadama and Osu Alata.

The hand washing facilities are mounted in places identified to be Covid 19 hotspots of infection in these communities.

Members of the communities are grateful for the program and ask for more sponsorship to ameliorate their plight especially during the lockdown.

The Community-Led Response to CoViD- 19 program is expected to serve as an interface between the community and various national interventions.

The program is being implemented by Peoples Dialogue and the Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor (GHAFUP) in collaboration with the City Authorities. Currently, it is being sponsored by OXFAM, the Zongo Development Fund and Slum Dwellers international (SDI).

The programme has set up Community Coordinating committee committees and trained community volunteers to lead the campaigns in their communities. 

The project follows a well laid down process which starts with community entry meetings and triggering of action community action plans.

The action plans require a mapping of the community by community leaders showing possible COVID-19 hotspots for infection within the community. Whilst the maps are drawn, community coordinating committees and volunteers are identified, sworn as community support teams and trained by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) from the Metro/Municipal Assemblies on COVID 19 rules of conduct. The teams are then deployed into the community based on the hotspots identified and arranged into zones with support of the EHOs sensitizing, educating and giving out materials to individuals, households inside the target communities.

The concept was launched in Old Fadama as one of the largest slum in Accra on March 24th, 2020.  Following the successful launching, community entry meetings and triggering have already taken place in other municipalities including Ablekuma Central, Korle Klottey and Okai Koi North Municipalities respectively.  There have been more calls from other municipalities for similar initiative to help curb the spread of the pandemic.

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