Savings and group formation continues to be the bedrock for  Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor (GHAFUP) and Peoples Dialogue(PD) in their poverty reduction programmes  among slum dwellers in Ghana.

Through daily savings, many slum dwellers (including members of GHAFUP), have over the past few years been able to mobilise resources and have become financially stronger. Their financial strength and group mobilization skills is also enabling them to better negotiate with local government officials and development actors for shelter improvement and security  of tenure.

With a total membership 12,900 (as at Dec 2010), GHAFUP which has about 120 savings group from ninety-two (92) communities in seven administrative regions was able to mobilize GH¢400,000.00 as savings which was given out as loans to its members. Out of this amount, the federation in Greater Accra Region mobilized GH¢187,983.00, Western Region GH¢4,847.00, Ashanti Region 450.000.00, Northern Region GH¢8,057.00, whilst Eastern and Volta Regions mobilized GH¢6,165.00.


The philosophy of savings within the federation is to raise revenue as well as bring the people together to deliberate on key development issues that will enhance their livelihoods. The practice of daily savings and loans therefore provides the platform for mobilizing residents of slums and informal settlements to meet at regular intervals to discuss issues of common interest, including health and education.

The various savings groups of the Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor (GHAFUP) meet weekly to submit their savings, discuss factors affecting their socio-economic well-being, and explore alternatives to overcome socio-economic challenges. The culture of saving is also enabling members of the federation to build trust as well as developing leadership skills among its members



Savings Group in Kokomlemle, (In God All Things Are Possible)