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People’s Dialogue on Human Settlements (PD) is a Ghanaian development organization committed to building collaborative partnerships between organized communities and (especially) local governments in contexts of deep urban poverty, landlessness, joblessness, and homelessness  More About Us »

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14 Feb 19


Vacancy - Project Support Officer (Temporal basis) People's Dialogue is currently the implementing partner of the Urban Sanitation Project in Ashaiman. This project is UNICEF, Ghana and Government of Ghana…

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At People’s Dialogue, we strive for excellence in our areas of operation.

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Eviction Watch

We keep a close watch on  slums in Accra and other urban centres across the country. Below are profiles of some notable slums in Ghana.

Vision & Mission

It is People’s Dialogue’s vision that urban poor lead the process of acquiring safe and secure livelihood – decent shelter, water, sanitation, voice and representation.

This vision builds and draws from PD, GHAFUP, and GHAFIT’s deep and practical understanding of the nature of urban/city life and the gap that exists between urban poor living in informality and the formal world. We recognise that, urban/city system/life is a complex interaction of individuals, group, community, and city organization. It is also about how social, political, economic, and physical systems interact to produce inclusion or exclusion in city’s challenges or opportunities.

PD’s mission is to build the voice and agency of slum communities throughout the cities in Ghana, with a special focus on the role of women, in order to achieve inclusive cities in which the urban poor are to be at the centre of strategies and decision-making for equitable urban development.

Our Core Activities & Rituals

Savings & Group Formation
Savings is the primary activity around which the Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor is mobilized. The savings schemes began in 2003 and continue to be the bedrock for the Federation for eliminating extreme poverty among slum dwellers in Ghana.


Enumeration, Mapping & Profiling
Engagement with central and local government authorities sometimes can be very challenging if one does not have the appropriate data. How can slum communities be supported to generate the relevant data and information about their own settlements?


Advocacy & Policy Influence
PD Ghana and the Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor (GI-IAFUP) are working with slum communities and like minded civil society partners to secure better housing policies for the urban poor. Slum dwellers want to improve their housing through participatory methods more


Peer-to-Peer Exchanges
Community exchange programmes rest on a very simple concept: the poor learn best from the poor. Community exchanges, in contrast to development processes that rely on experts as “agents of change,” actively involve slum residents in transforming their own lives.


Dialogue & Partnership Building
Slums are notoriously under-manned in terms of police personnel, and people are reluctant to report crimes, especially those of a domestic or sexual nature. In an attempt to address the issues of crime, police violence, and mutual distrust between police and poor urban communities…